Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brief: A Note on Community Participation in India

Shiny Saha

This paper discusses the situation of communityparticipation in India, the various programmes initiated to facilitate it andthe roles of various interest groups towards the same. The paper is dividedbroadly into three sections. The first section - National Context: Facilitating Community Participation via Decentralization - discusses the provisions undertaken by the government tofacilitate community participation. The second section - Local Expressions of Community Participation - discusses acts of community participation that have evolved independent of governmentinterventions. The third section - Participation: A critical analysis - critically analyzes participationand the role of civil society in the same.


  1. This is an excellent initiative in promoting the participation of the greater masses into the strategic processes of urban planning and development through the division of research development tax credits, among others.

  2. True, this gesture definitely empowers the masses by getting them involved through the dissemination of information.