Thursday, February 2, 2012

National Consultation on RAY and JNNURM (3-4 February)

The initiative of the CPR alongwith Action Aid, Indo-Global Service Society and People's Group of Delhi, which is composed of several community organisations and civil society groups engaged in livelihood, housing and urban issues, are organising a National Consultation on Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) and JNNURM
The purpose of the consultation is to discuss current policies being developed under Rajiv Awas Yojana and JNNURM programmes, which are expected to be taken up for implementation in the near future. A key feature of this meeting is the presentation of field experiences of JNNURM projects in housing and service delivery by community organisations and civil society from eight cities.
All are welcome to attend.

BY: Peoples’ Groups of DELHI
DATE:  3rd-4th February 2012
VENUE:  Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Centre
219, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg (Near ITO)
New Delhi
SCHEDULE: Appended below

DAY 1 (Friday)
9:30am – 10:00am
Registration and Tea
10:00am – 10:30am
Introduction to the Consultation
Policy Framework for RAY
Co-chairs: Prof. Amitabh Kundu, JNU and K C Sivaramakrishnan, Chairman, CPR
10:45am – 11:15am
Policy Framework for RAY
Aruna Sundararajan
Joint Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA)
11:15am –  12:00
Presentation by Discussants
Harini Narayanan
Kalyani Menon-Sen
12:00am –
Open discussion beginning with remarks by Co-chairs
1:00pm – 2:00pm
Public Housing Interventions: Inclusion, Relocation and Livelihoods
Chair: Prof. Imrana Qadeer
2:00pm – 3:45pm
Presentations from Cities
Mumbai:                     Shweta Damle
Ahmedabad:             Beena
Bhubaneswar:           Pratap Sahu
Patna:                         Ranjan
Indore:                        Anand Lakhan
Vishakapatnam:        Srinivasu
Homelessness:          Bipin and Shakeel
3:45pm – 4:15pm
Presentation by Discussants
Gautam Bhan, IIHS
Renu Khosla, CURE
4:15pm – 5:15pm
Open discussion beginning with remarks by Chair
5:15pm – 5:30pm
5:30pm – 6:00pm
Panel: Lessons for the Future
            Indu Prakash Singh, IGSSS
            Partha Mukhopadhyay, CPR

DAY 2 (Saturday)
Learning from the JNNURM Experience
Co-Chairs: O.P. Mathur, NIUA and Anil Baijal, Chair, IDFC Foundation
10:00am –  10:30am
Lessons of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
            Prem Narayan, Director
            Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD)
10:30am –  11:00am
Planning for an Urban India
            Rakesh Ranjan, Director, Planning Commission

11:00am –  11:30am
Citizen’s Mid-Term Review
            D. Leena

11:30am –  12:00
Presentation by Discussants
Dunu Roy, Hazards Centre
Banashree Banerjee
12:00 –
Open Discussion beginning with remarks by Co-chairs
1:00pm –   2:00pm
The City and JNNURM
Chair: Sandeep Chachra, Action Aid
2:00pm - 2:45pm
Presentations from Cities
Bhopal:          Javed and Upasana
Jaipur:            Hemalata
Bangalore:     Kathyayini
2:45pm - 3:00pm
Presentation by Discussant
            Prof. Kirtee Shah, Ahmedabad Study Action Group
3:00pm -  3:30pm
Open Discussion beginning with remarks by Chair
3:30pm - 4:15pm
Public Private Partnerships in Urban Services
Solid Waste: Shashi Bhushan Pandit - Delhi
Transport:     Jeevan Kumar - Hyderabad
Electricity:     Ashok Rao - Delhi
4:15pm -  4:30pm
Presentation by Discussant
            Prof. Sunil Dharan
4:30pm -  5:00pm
Open Discussion beginning with remarks by Chair
5:00pm – 5:15pm
5:15pm – 6:00pm
Closing Session

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