Sunday, November 20, 2011

India Urban Conference - 22 November, 2011

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The November 22 Delhi Policy Conference, the final event in the India Urban Conference 2011 series, is meant to focus attention on the possibilities and challenges of harnessing India’s urbanisation for inclusive national development. The programme is designed to elevate two opportunities on the national policy agenda: first, India’s urban transformation as a necessary condition for sustained economic growth, and second, the potential of this transformation to enable effective, inclusive and sustainable rural and urban development. Sessions are designed to highlight new as well as often overlooked evidence on the role of urban areas in India’s overall development, the functionality of fiscal and administrative mechanisms for managing urbanisation, and the prospects for and barriers to inclusive urbanisation. The conference is centred around three discussion sessions and three keynote speeches on salient questions in the ongoing debates about urban policy and implementation for inclusive development. Each discussion session is structured to elicit and include perspectives on these portrayals of the urban and its dynamics from a wide range of policymakers and other stakeholders involved in the urban transition.

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